"ŒIL", or European Observatory for the Integrity of Lebanon

OEIL is made up of independent European lawyers and activists, whose objective is to fight corruption in the country of the Cedar. Its fight is based on law, its aim being to help the Lebanese people overcome the endemic corruption that is deeply rooted in their country, which saps its energy and confiscates its future. Its first weapon will be justice, in Europe and elsewhere, the only guarantee to bring corruption cases to the competent authorities and end up influencing the course of events. Its second weapon will be the mobilization of European public opinion to win it around this sacred battle against corruption: Parliamentarians, journalists, opinion leaders, specialized organizations, “the EYE” will not skimp on the means to bring together the public. maximum support for action against corruption. Europe has exceptional experience in the fight against corruption and “ŒIL” intends to take advantage of this to lead its Lebanese fight to fruition. lebanon-integrity.org will be the official spokesperson website of the Observatory, but also intends to become the reference on the subject of the fight against corruption in Lebanon: the actions carried out and those to come, the files which have successful or not. This site will also be an effective, simple and credible working tool for all the activists in this battle to bring a synergy of good intentions in order to achieve the stated goal. “EYE” pledges to remain outside any Lebanese political alignment and not to interfere in European internal politics, its sole objective being to rally all the goodwill and all the energies to defeat the Lebanese octopus. We will be the EYE that will watch over Lebanon.