The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

Albert Einstein

The word corruption is derived from the Latin word “corruptus” meaning to break. It accentuates the destructive effect of corruption on society. Lebanese society is a victim of a corrupted institutional system that has pervaded every vein of its device. Corruption is a common burden that requires a united riposte in order to build a healthier and more transparent foundation. Public unconsciousness and an inert judicial system lay at its roots. Our society needs dedicated and tenacious elected officials to stave the political and judicial system off abuse. To that extent, the idea of impunity must be deconstructed from the public opinion’s mind.

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Riad Salameh’s new embezzlement charges in Lebanon: what you need to know

Lebanese judge Raja Hamoush charged Central Bank Governor Riad Sa...

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La corruption au sein du Ministère des Déplacés de la guerre

Un ministère historiquement détenu par le PSP de Walid Joumblatt

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Anti-Corruption Legislation

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Endgame for Riad Salameh ?

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UK court orders Lebanese banks to pay $4 mln to saver

BEIRUT, March 1 (Reuters) – A London court has ordered two...

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Airport Highway Corruption Files

Airport Highway Corruption Files This is an introduction about th...

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Lebanon’s Central Bank head Riad Salameh ‘on the run’ after police raid

The governor's whereabouts are unknown and The National's attempt...

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